Sell Your Home Faster | 15 Benefits of Hiring A Professional Real Estate Agent

Selling a house can be an exciting yet a challenging time!

As a Saskatoon-based professional real estate agent, I understand the pressure it can create.

15 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Real Estate Agent That Will Help You Sell Your House, Land Or Commercial Property Faster:


  1. Security

    Your realtor can filter the scam, low ball offers and restricted just about any stranger from walking up to your home for a viewing.

    They qualify the interested party and only pass through the warm leads who are ready to write an offer!

    Saving you time, security and avoiding the pain of leaving your house every time there is a viewing.

  2. Listing Price

    There is a false rumor out there that Realtor price the house you are selling for you, this is completely inaccurate.

    On the contrary, a professional real estate agent will bring you competitive market analysis which will help you in determining the sale price of your house.

  3. Competition

    A real estate agent can tell you what the other competitive houses listed for are and what is your competition is exactly asking for similar homes like yours.

    This data is critical when establishing a selling price. Of course, you do not want to lose by starting too low or waste too much time on the market and create a negative buzz around your property by starting too high.

  4. Access To Data  

    This is by far the most lucrative advantage as your Realtor, or Real Estate Agent has access to data of past sales in your neighborhood.

    Plus he or she can tell you how many days it took for the house to sell, what kind of upgrades it had and why should you price higher or lower than the price you are thinking at.

    All the pricing and days to sell conversation is not theory; it is purely based on real estate sales data.

  5. Recommendations

    A real estate agent can be very useful when they recommend you some quick tips on what to cosmetically fix and update a little before allowing viewing so that you get better bank for your buck.

  6. Legal Process

    A realtor is well educated and understands the legal process.
    They have done more than us, so they will give you heads up as to what to expect and budget for when selling home.

  7. Negotiating Champions!

    A realtor does not have any emotional attachment to your house, they are thorough professionals and when there is an offer made they will guide you the best and help you make the best counter offer.

  8. Legal Paperwork & Costly Mistakes

    A small mistake on the legal paperwork can cost you thousand in correction and needless to say your valuable time.

    By hiring a realtor to sell your house, you eliminate the risk of making these costly mistakes as you have the expertise of a professional in the real estate industry upon whom you can rely upon.  

  9. Connection & Resources

    A realtor is well connected within the local community and can connect you with the right bank, right real estate law firm and right repair specialist if that is required.

  10. Marketing & Advertising

    A realtor can publish your listing on the Saskatchewan MLS Listings, where all the home buyers are shopping for their next purchase increasing your reach to the right audience.

    If a private home sale marketplace such as Kijiji or have 50 houses listed, the MLS will have over a few hundred.

    More choices mean those websites will have more eyeballs!

  11. Open Houses & Realtor’s Network

    By listing on MLS your home is now visible to all other realtors in the area. Which open opportunities for open houses and cross sale.

    Cross sale as in another realtor may have a buyer who is looking for exactly what your home offers.

    No wonder they say Real Estate Agents are Matchmakers (for homes of course).

    Helping you sell your home faster!  

  12. Professional Photographs & Presentation

    You don’t sell houses daily; however, realtors do just that!

    They understand the industry’s best practices as to how many photos you should have, which angles and what kind of pictures should you present.

    Generally, nowadays a realtor will use an HD camera to take photos for your online listings

  13. Ad Writing & House Descriptions

    Another area where your emotions can take over the objective, which is selling your home and a realtor can be super helpful.

    Real estate agents generally are seasoned ad writers, especially for home listings.

    They know the verbiage to use in the ad copy that will attract, engage and convert the online visitor into a viewing.

    They exactly know what a consumer is interested in and will make sure all those areas and bases covered for you!

  14. Unfair Demands Filter & Closing

    Some buyers request for unfair repairs and put unfair conditions on offer.

    This is the time where your real estate agent’s experience and education can come in handy.

    Plus, closing a deal is more technical than we think. Realtor helps you with a counteroffer, renegotiations and final closing of the sale.

  15. Reduce Risk

    A real estate sale is generally $100,000 or more in value. Now can you fight a lawsuit that big without the help of a lawyer?

    Or can you fight the legal authorities for an amount over $100K without the help of CPA?

    I am sure you are smart enough to say no.

    Same is true when selling your home — the small fee that real estate agent charge is too little compared to the amount and risk at stake.


If you are interested in selling your home, land or commercial property, do not hesitate to consult with me.

I have over five years of experience in the city of Saskatoon and understand the dynamics of Saskatoon City & Real Estate Market very well.

My main goals are to make the sale of your home a seamless, stress-free and profitable experience for you.

Needless to say my second biggest objective is to help you sell your property be it your house, land or commercial listing faster!

Plus, I will be pleased to answer any of your questions regarding selling a house in Saskatoon or area such as Martensville, Warman or Dalmeny.