16 Major Benefits of hiring a Realtor when buying a home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Real estate business is one of the oldest business industry in Canada. Buying or selling a property, be it personal house, land or your commercial property, you can benefit from a professional real estate agent services.


Here are the top 11 benefits of using a realtor when buying a property or house in Saskatoon:



1.      Education

The number one advantage of hiring a realtor is the wealth of knowledge they bring to you. Buying a house is a major and expensive decision, and you can trust Realtor’s knowledge to guide you through.

In Canada, a Realtor has to invest thousands of dollars and time in courses, pass them before they can even show you a property.

Just like at any wedding function you hire a professional photographer in times where everyone who carries a smartphone carries a camera is the same reason you want to hire a professional realtor when making a major decision.

2.      Experience

You and I are good at what we do, and we do it daily. We are the expert in our industry just because we work daily.

Same is true with Real Estate Agents.

They have experience in making several house purchase deals, they have seen deals go through or not go through. They know the ins and out legally, morally and financially.

That is the second biggest advantage of hiring a realtor for all your property buying transactions.

3.      Agents Save You from Scams

A professional real estate agent is well aware of what is a good deal and what is a scam. They will screen out all the bad deals away from you saving you time, and potential financial loss.

Trust them as they do this daily and a consumer who is buying a house in only in market every 12 – 18 years.

4.      The Neighborhood Knowledge

Now as a regular citizen of Saskatoon you know your neighborhood or the ones you have lived in the past plus a couple of friends that you know.

A realtor such as Ernesto Vigonte has been to every neighborhood in Saskatoon.

He can guide you and tell you a lot more on what kind of neighborhood suits your needs and which ones are not a good fit for you.

Once again, saving you a ton of time and potentially making a bad decision.

5.      Property Sales Data


A key benefit is the past houses sales data that a realtor like Ernesto has access.

He can quickly pull up data and tell you about the last few houses that sold in this neighborhood and what was their square foot so you can make a sound buying decision.

This data is super helpful when you are writing the offer on the house.

6.      Negotiating A Property

Negotiating a good property deal is by far the best benefit and advantage you have when you hire a realtor in Saskatoon.

Especially, Ernesto is a master. He is not shy to offer a lower price to kick-start the negotiation.

One of his clients says that he worked with two realtors before working with Ernesto and Ernesto was never afraid of going in with lower than the usual offer on the house, and he got them a house that once listed for $236,000 for well under $200,000.


7.      Market Conditions

A realtor is well aware of market conditions and changes that are happening in the industry.

They are well informed about the changes that are upcoming such as any tax increases, how fast the market is moving and more.

How many new homes are being built, or is new development is moderate they can give you good insights that will help you make the best buying decision.

8.      Market Forecast

How much can you expect the house prices to rise in the next couple of years?


Where they are from the last four years, such forecast can once again be critical in decision making, and a sound realtor is well informed of these and share the knowledge with you as a buyer.

For example, here is a forecast of the housing market for Saskatchewan in 2019.

9.      Legal Paperwork

If you have purchased a home in the past, you know about the legal paperwork that is involved when buying a house.

However, if you are a first time home buyer, you are not one hundred percent aware of what to expect in regards to legal paperwork and legal fees.

A realtor is a great resource as they will point you in the right direction allowing you to budget for your purchase stress-free.


10.   Closing Questions

When you purchase a house there are few important closing steps, and you may have a lot of questions as to when do I get the key, what if there is something wrong in the house, your real estate agent will be available to answer all these questions for you.

Especially the taxes where you have no visibility, a realtor can be a great resource.               

11.   Future Investments

The house you are buying is it a great investment?

Remember a realtor’s mind is more of an investor’s mind, and if you make a good connection and rapport with them, they will think for you just like a real estate investor.

They can predict (somewhat accurately) if the purchase you are about to make is a good future investment or not.

Plus, they want you to make the best decision and the one that you will be happy with because they want you to be their longtime customers and hire them again in the future.

12.   Resources

The connections and resources are an absolute favorite benefit of hiring and working with a realtor, especially for a first time home buyer who does not have many connections in the real estate industry a realtor’s resources can be a very useful one.

For example, a realtor can refer you to a real estate lawyer or can help you find the best home inspection, specialist.

Plus they also know and have worked with mortgage brokers. So use their connections!

13.   Save Time!

A realtor can save you time in many ways. He or she may have been to the property you shortlisted and can tell you right up front that “hey I am ok to take you and show you the place. However, I was just there a couple of weeks ago, and you will not like it because ….”

Plus the resources they can connect you with is completely time-saving!

14.   Availability

A good real estate agent is available readily to answer any of your questions throughout the buying journey.

Trust me there are few twists and turns when you are out there making this major decision of buying a house and having a specialist available on speed dial is a blessing and a half!

15.   Procedures and Accuracy

A realtor is a life saver especially with all the legal paperwork as they understand the procedure the best.

For example, if there as an error on the document, you can rely on the realtor to know the steps to fix it.

Same with any last minute changes, unclear titles or mortgage delays.

A realtor can be a super handy resource and your guiding angel when the unknown happens.

16.   Third Eye (Big Bonus)  

A realtor can tell you why the house has been on the market for so many days. He or she can also pick things that you as a consumer may overlook such as big tree right in front of the house can cause damage to the foundation.

Did you realize that it could be devastating? Maybe, however, a realtor knows these minute details.

There you are home buyers in Saskatoon; I am always here to answer any of your real estate questions.

Feel free to contact me and continue to be awesome!